Paradise | Miami

When God was creating Earth I imagine he decided to make some kind of earthly paradise, so people could have a demo version of heaven. This paradise is most likely to be Miami. Summer whole year round, beautiful blue skies and warm ocean breeze. I flew over here two days ago for my little sunny holiday and I would like to share my trip so far with you!




First of all the views from the plane were just… wow. That’s the best I can do in terms of description. I usually do not particularly enjoy flights, especially long ones, because I always seem to choose a plane that is full of children and the entertainment system is always not working properly. But oh my God… The views make it all worthwhile. Have a look for yourself.




Of course, the “paradise-ness” of it doesn’t end on the magnificent plane views. As soon as you exit the airport you can feel the atmosphere of constant party and holiday that follows you the entire length of your stay. I literally have no idea how do people who live here force themselves to do things such as work, which I think should be considered a form of torture in this place.




Miami is world – known for its nightlife, but if you do not want to spend your entire trip wasted, there are other options for you to explore. One of them is shopping. There are plenty of malls and shopping centres where you can walk for hours, making your wallets lighter and your souls happier. Just make sure you have enough money left to eat. I personally very much enjoy this type of activity. I have successfully raided BCBG shop a few days ago, got myself a few stunning dresses and I couldn’t be happier! What could be better than wearing a dress that fits perfectly? That’s correct. If that is your dress.




Make sure that you go for a swim at least ones! During one of my last visits, we went on a jetski ride and it was something I found super scary (probably because I was controlling it) but it was amazing!






I will be posting more photos from Miami towards the end of my holidays, so keep updated ladies and gentlemen!



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