Violet Van der Colour’s garden

This piece was originally supposed to be much larger and include more flowers, but after I have painted this fragment I have decided to keep it as it is as a little study. One of the reasons why I have started painting is because I love the fact that no matter how gloomy the weather outside is, you can create something happy, cheery and sunny without leaving your room. I think art has every right to be classified as magic. Not only it gives you the ability to artificially create the atmosphere of whatever you desire, but it also alters your mood. And that applies not only to those who paint. As I live in England, there aren’t many sunny days in a year, so I have to find alternatives. I became fascinated by English gardens because despite all the gloominess of their surroundings they remain colourful, bright and gorgeous in their very unique kind of way.




Of course, not only the UK can show off with its gardens. Holland probably deserves to be known as the capital of flowers. People from all over the world fly over to see dutch tulips. Sadly, I have never been to Holland. Luckily, I know how to use google. So I spent a few days enjoying wonderful dutch views and the wide assortment of impossible colours.





So now I got this combination of colourful dutch tulips and assortment of English flowers. I have decided to paint something that will reflect both. So now you can see the final result of my little study. I have made sure that flowers illustrate the variety of colour of dutch tulips and the variety of flowers of an English garden. Hence, the name – “Violet Van der Colour’s garden”. Violet is one of the popular English names and “Van Der” is a popular dutch surname preposition. I am far from being done with this theme as there are more techniques I would like to explore to make the colours even more vivid. So if you like this painting, keep updated as I will be painting more flower-themed pieces!

Thank you for reading! And to make your mood even better, here are some more photos of colourful and beautiful gardens for you to enjoy!





P.S. All photos were taken from google images.

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