Californian dream | San Francisco

We went to visit California two summers ago. And I want to go back ever since. We have stayed in San Francisco and then went to visit Carmel, a small picturesque town on the west coast. I will tell you more about it in another post because there is a lot to tell and many photos to show.

Our trip took place in August and it was absolutely freezing. As Mark Twain once said: “The coldest winter I have ever seen, was summer in San Francisco”. Every morning we woke up to a view of a city covered in freezing fog and towards mid-afternoon the weather would warm up. You could deduct when people left the house by looking at the way they were dressed. Coats and jackets in the morning, t-shirts in the afternoon.

We stayed at the Fairmont hotel – most beautiful hotel in San Francisco with fantastic views from the balcony.







After we have settled down and relaxed a bit after a long flight we were ready to explore the city. The thing I like the most about travelling is that you get to truly experience the atmosphere of the city. And you can do so only by walking around. You would not be able to feel it in museums because that’s just not the same. It doesn’t allow you to feel the rhythm of the city. So the first thing on our adventure list was to go for a good long walk. As many of you might already know, San Francisco is famous for its victorian style houses. There are entire districts of those houses and they are absolutely magnificent. Their owners are obliged to make sure that they keep the appearance of the house in a premium condition and it is definitely worth it. Maybe one day if I have a few million dollars to spend, I would buy one of them.

What is also very remarkable by the way, is how the whole city is divided into different areas. Each one has unique personality and spirit. So you will have a hippie town, an English village and a beautiful 1950s style street all within one impossible fairy tale – San Francisco.






After the walk was complete we have visited a few museums and then went back to the hotel to rest.

The next day we had something very exciting planned. We went to see the Golden Gate Bridge and went on a little boat ride to see San Francisco from the water. It was a little bit stormy, but hey when would I ever do that kind of thing again, right? The wind on the boat was even more freezing than in the city so we had to wrap up very warm. The thing that amazed me the most are the beautiful “rolling clouds”. It looked like if they were not flying, but rolling over the mountains and vanishing in the air. And of course, the Golden Gate Bridge doesn’t need any comments at all. It is just perfect.


Processed with Snapseed.

Processed with Snapseed.


If you ever happen to visit California, make sure that you set some time aside for a ride on the Route 1. Preferably in a convertible mustang. With a beautiful lady by your side. But those are not compulsory of course. But preferable. This experience is definitely worth your time. I would probably go as far as saying that the views I saw on that ride are the most stunning and picturesque ones I have ever seen. Just makes you want to stay there forever and enjoy the beauty of our planet. And that’s not an exaggeration. Have a look for yourself!






I loved this trip from the start to the very end of it. It was something magical. Like if I went to visit not a new city, but a new universe. Our tour around California didn’t finish in San Francisco, however. We also went to see gigantic Hearst Castle, a few wineries and beautiful town of Carmel, but I will write more about those in my upcoming posts, so keep updated!

Thank you for reading my travel story! Hope you enjoyed it! Follow me if you like my content and I will make sure that there are plenty more stories for you to explore!

Here are some more shots that I would like to share with you.












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