Fairy Tale on the Grand Canal | Venice

Today I would like to share with you a short story about one of the most poetic places on earth. Venice has been inspiring minds for centuries and has been home to many famous people, such as Giovanni Bellini, Francesco Guardi and Giacomo Casanova.

I have only been there for three days and that is nowhere near enough to fully explore and enjoy the beauty of this historical city. The most remarkable feature of Venice is, of course, its canals. The entire city is composed of over 100 islands of different sizes and shapes. They are connected with countless bridges and together they combine into one big fairy tale with picturesque views and magical atmosphere.





If you ever plan to visit Venice, make sure that you go on a gondola and enjoy the views of the city from the water. The prices might seem a bit too high, but it is worth it. You will see Venice from a completely different perspective. A small gondola secret: You can ask gondolier to sing for you. Some of them have amazing voices! Will save you money on opera tickets.

If you sit by one of the canals, sometimes you can observe the “rush hour”. The traffic of gondolas, which by the way is much more pleasant than any ordinary rush hour somewhere in New York.





There are concerns that within next 100 years the beautiful city of carnivals will disappear from the face of our planet. This is because the foundations of the houses are exposed to water which as times go by ruins them. So we might be the last generation to ever have a chance to walk the streets of it. Which makes it slightly scary but also makes us appreciate the fragility of the beauty of this magical place.

So grab a pair of comfortable walking shoes, a few evening gowns, through them into a bag and go to explore Venice! There are plenty museums and galleries for you to see, as well as delicious restaurants and cafes. I am definitely planning to visit again, this time for slightly longer, so I can fully enjoy the atmosphere and the beauty of it.






Thank you for reading! I am very happy to see you on here and I hope that you like my posts. If there is anything you would like me to add to what I write, please do not hesitate to contact me! I will be waiting for your suggestions! Good day to you all!

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