In pursuit of 2017 | Edinburgh

This New Year was the first one I have ever celebrated without my family. My other half and I have met 2017 together in Scotland. We have never been to Edinburgh and wanted to visit it for a long time so we couldn’t think of a better opportunity than this one.

We spent the total of 5 days there and those days were very eventful. We went sightseeing, dined at a few very nice restaurants and participated in a couple of excursions. We also took part in the famous Scottish Hogmanay of course.

We stayed at a wonderful hotel / hotel-type apartments right in the centre of the city. Old Town Chambers were a bit challenging to find at first, but it all worth it. The room was probably equipped with more kitchen facilities than I have at home. The views from our windows were just stunning. And the best feature of them all, in my opinion, was location. The hotel is located on the Advocate’s close, literally almost at the entrance to the Edinburgh Castle.




On the first day we have decided to visit the famous Edinburgh Castle. We were very lucky because we have decided to get an excursion instead of an aimless walk around. And the lady who lead the excursion was fantastic! A very knowledgeable guide with lots of fascinating and funny stories to tell. The excursion was presented very well and we took a lot of new information out of it.

P.S. If you decide to book an excursion when you visit Edinburgh, make sure you have a look in the app “GetYourGuide”.




On the New Year’s day we have decided to chill. We have spent a day relaxing and walking around the city centre. Just an aimless and very light day. We had big plans for the evening so we didn’t want to get too tired. For the New Year’s eve dinner we booked a table at the Honours restaurant. It was worth every penny. The interior was very rich, yet not excessive and the staff were very polite and made the experience even more magical. If you ever feel like treating yourself to a fancy dinner, the Honours is definitely a place to consider.

After the dinner we have joined the celebration of the coming New Year on the streets outside the castle. It was a bit chilly, but alcohol is a well-known remedy against cold. We had the perfect spot to enjoy the fireworks. As we found out in the morning there was also a laser show which we have successfully missed. But hey, you can’t have everything. The important thing is that I have made a very good New Year’s wish this year. Not like they ever come true, but a girl can dream! After the party was over we headed home to rest.





In the next days we have visited a few more excursions, this time with a slightly creepy twist. First, we went to explore the vaults under the city. The atmosphere during the entire excursion was very creepy and there were a couple of ghost stories that kept me awake that night… But it was definitely worth going. Not only we went to the vaults, we also thought that we should visit the real Mary King’s close. You probably heard many creepy plague and ghost stories about that place. So that excursion was also quite spooky. Not as spooky as the previous one thou… If you are interested in that kind of stuff, it is very interesting to walk the street and buildings that are now hidden underground.

One more restaurant that we went to is the Dome. It is one of the most beautiful restaurants I have ever been to. Right at the centre of the room there is this absolutely stunning dome roof (hence the name obviously…) and the light system kept slowly fading different colours in, which made it even more beautiful. Have a look for yourself!




I really didn’t want to leave this city. I fell in love with it from the very first day we arrived. It is so beautiful that I don’t think I will ever get enough of it. I hope that one day I will be able to call Edinburgh my home. Ahhh… dreams, dreams… But seriously I can’t wait to go back! This time we have decided to go on a few more adventurous excursions, such as a trip to Loch Ness for example. Maybe we will get a few pretty photos of the monster. Who knows!

Thank you for reading my story!  And here are a few more photos for you to enjoy.













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