Forest river

This is my personal favourite out of all the paintings I have ever created. I think this was one of my first independent works that I have created without inspiration from other artists’ works, but instead I have researched photos and then created something unique. I like this piece because of the colours I have used. This painting’s colour palette influenced my theme choices for my future works and showed me how I can effectively combine shades of green and red, which is a colour combination I deeply adore.

One of the cool features of this painting that I was lucky enough to create by a random accident, is that the day time on the painting could change depending what light do you place it under. In the yellow light the painting has an atmosphere of the dusk. The yellow sky in the background with shadows of the many branches gets a deeper tone of slight orange, creating a sleepy atmosphere. The greens also get slightly richer and the contrast between the shades becomes more apparent.

If you put the painting under the white light, however, its colours become more vivid and cheery, creating a feeling of the morning or the early afternoon. The yellow tones make the whole composition even lighter.

I have sold the painting soon after I have completed it and I sincerely hope that whoever has it enjoys it as much as I do. I had great fun working on it and was (and still am) very happy with my results. I am planning to do more work related to this theme to perfect my techniques and create even more amazing works.

Thank you for visiting my blog! I am very happy to see you here and I am glad that you enjoy my stories and support what I do!

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