The beauty of the body | Richard MacDonald

Following my previous story about Carmel and its artistic legacy, I decided to write a post about one of the artists whose gallery is located there. Richard MacDonald is one of the most talented sculpturists alive and is one of my personal biggest inspirations. His sculpture masterpieces display the beauty of the body of athletes in its full glory. Richard is working together with the world-famous Cirque Du Soleil. The members of the team pose for him and let him examine curves of their bodies. This is a very lengthy and delicate process but the results are worth it. His works have so much detail that they almost look real.



His works come in all kinds of sizes. Starting from small ones that you could easily fit in your living room and finishing with gigantic pieces over 3 meters high. But every single one of them has its own character. His works are fascinating to examine because they look as if the small figures of circus performers were frozen in time and taken out in the middle of the action. As if you clap your hands three times they will continue their dances and acrobatic manouvers. They give you that weird feeling as if you are an intruder and are creeping on someone. Is it because of the elegance and pithiness of their poses? Who knows.




As one would expect, I have a few favourite works that I admire the most. I have attempted to sketch some of them to study Richard’s technique and style, to understand this unusual combination of movement and calmness. I think that light plays a very big role in his works. Don’t get me wrong, his works will look amazing in any light, but the correct use of light and shadows give this slightly mysterious spin to the sculptures. I have also discovered that if you pop a pair of earphones in while looking at Richard’s works, the choice of music can create an atmosphere of romance or an atmosphere of passion and fire in the very same sculpture. While I was working on my sketches I listened to Apocalyptica. Have an experiment, see for yourself.




And here are some of my sketches of my favourite sculptures. I am planning to do some more studies of Richard’s works in the near future and try a few new techniques to create a more 3D models.



Thank you for reading my story! A wonderful day to you all!

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