Wynwood Art District | Miami

Although Miami seems to be the paradise for young clubbers and old billionaires, there are many quirky places to visit. Wynwood Art District is one of them. What it is, is a couple of blocks painted in all kinds of street art masterpieces. You can walk around the streets for hours and find hundreds and hundreds of amazing artworks. All of them are very unique and chances are, you will never find anything similar. Some graffiti are enormous in size. They could cover an entire wall side of a three-story building. I have literally no idea how people paint them. I tend to stick to the idea that they have wings and at night when no one sees them they fly around and paint cool things. The idea of using stairs seems to be way too ordinary for such unordinary works.




I do not know why some people still call this vandalism. Many works carry a very deep meaning within them. Very thoughtful messages regarding war, pollution, freedom of speech and other problems of today’s society. Art is probably the most beautiful form of protest. As Banksy the Almighty once said: “Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.”

I think all art carries some sort of meaning behind it. Some sort of idea, be that something grandiose or something as simple as the desire to share one’s happiness. There are always feelings behind it. Art cannot be soulless because without a soul it could as well be a random combination of shapes and colours. Art always serves a purpose even if the purpose is simply to cheer someone up!

In Wynwood you can find not only graffiti art but sculptures too! I always thought that sculpture is something very mysterious and impossible to create. Possibly because it takes a 3D form and I find it hard enough to work in a 2D environment. When creating a sculpture you have to think about all sides of your work, rather than just a facade. Oh, another great thing about them is that you can touch them! (Probably don’t try it in Louvre thou). It gives you this feeling of interaction which you can’t get with paintings. So here is me and a few of my favourites habitants of Wynwood.




If you ever visit Miami, drop this onto your ‘to do’ list. And after your adventure you can go to downtown and treat yourself with a trip to a restaurant.

Thank you for reading my story! Here are a few more shots from the Art District.

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