The Heart of America | Washington

Today I would like to share with you some memories from my trip to Washington a long time ago. I went there with my family back when I was a college student and at that point in my life I have been to USA only once prior to that. So as you would possibly imagine everything was new and exciting. That trip did not limit to Washington alone, we also traveled to New York and Miami, but that is another story for another post.

I have never had a proper road trip, so the whole idea of it seemed quite tiring but interesting at the same time. And although it was only a very short journey limiting to no more than half a day, it was still something I have never done before. By the time we arrived to the legendary capital of America I looked more exhausted than anyone else in the car. Despite the fact that all I have done the entire journey was literally nothing. I will probably blame it on teenage years and lack of patience. But the trip was definitely worth my teenage sufferings.




I have been to Washington twice in total and both times the city didn’t fail to surprise me. The first thing that is very unusual that caught my eye is lack of street advertisements. As we were driving and walking through the city I didn’t see even one of those. How beautiful is that?! You can actually walk around the city, enjoying beautiful sights without stomping into “We will cure your herpes within a week” sign every hundred meters. It makes the whole place look so much neater and cleaner! You might not find it as exciting as I do, but believe me it does make that much difference.

Both times I’ve been to Washington were in summer so the weather was beautiful, everything was green and fresh and the atmosphere on the streets was generally very light and cheery. Another thing that I really liked about Washington is that even though it is full of people, you still can walk at your own pace on the streets without this horrible feeling of overcrowded ant house, the one that you get if you visit London for example.

The details of those trips are not very clear in my memory as they took place a couple of years ago… So I think it will only be fair to say that I need to go back to refresh my memories. What I do remember is that there are countless sights to visit and one is more beautiful than another.






If you happen to visit Washington, make sure you visit George town. I think I liked it that much partly because it reminded me of England. Small houses lined up wall to wall with plenty of greens and small local shops every couple of meters. Gives me this sense of cosy fairytale.

And, of course, don’t forget about the White House! It might not be as exciting to see, probably because you can’t really do much apart from taking a photo. But you have to see it at least once. Tick it off the bucket list! On a serious note, it is very beautiful and I would love to live there. I would still choose the Buckingham Palace over the White House thou… because it is a palace. Did you know that mister President has his own little garden where he grows his own little vegetables and eats them? Maybe not him personally, but it is still pretty awesome. Fresh food from the garden. Gardens around the White House are very beautiful too by the way. So after you finish taking photos you may wonder around the fence and imagine how nice would it be if you could walk in that lovely garden.



There are plenty of delicious restaurants as well. So don’t go to Washington if you are attempting to diet. It won’t end very well. I have definitely gained a couple of kilos. If your hotel is located in the city centre that also won’t help the situation. If you have time and desire, go to visit the waterfront, there is a delicious seafood restaurant that won’t leave you hungry.

I definitely want to go back some day. I like revisiting places to see how my perception of them changes through the years. When I go back I have a couple of places in mind that I would like to visit, and if I succeed I will make sure I tell you guys about my adventures.

Thank you for reading my story! I am very glad to see you on my blog!





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