Art and the City | New York

Today I want to share with you my American adventures! I have been to a wonderful and eventful city of New York! My trip was very short (only 3 days 😦 ) but very eventful! New York is one of those cities, where there is always something to see and to do! To be honest with you, I went there back in February… But in my defence, I was very busy with my masters so I didn’t have time! So here I am now catching up on my own adventures!


I am never sure where to start because all my trips are so eventful that I get lost in everything that happens by the end of it. I guess I will start with the hotel! I have stayed at “The Surrey”, which is a magnificent hotel with a perfect location on the corner of the central park! And the view from my window was just amazing! I wish I stayed there for more than 3 days, but hey there is always next time!







I love New York as a place to visit because there is always somewhere to go and something to do. I have heard somewhere that there are enough restaurants on Manhattan for you to dine at a different one every evening for 3 years! That’s nuts! The food is always the best part of the trip. If you are hungry, you won’t enjoy your adventures as much as you would have if you weren’t. My two favourite places to have breakfast on Manhattan are restaurant Saint Ambroeus and “The Mark” hotel. They always set me into a good mood before a long and exciting day. Not sure if I already mentioned it, but I love food!





And if you are looking for a nice place for dinner, go to la Marea! They do lots of delicious food! P.S. They also have delicious desserts…




I have also visited the Metropolitan museum this time! The amount of masterpieces displayed there is ridiculous! And there is all kinds of stuff, starting with paintings and finishing with fashion installations by famous designers such as D&G and Gucci! You might as well take a sleeping bag and stay there for a couple of days because it’s impossible to see everything in one day! Maybe my paintings one day will be also displayed there…. maybe not… but a girl can dream. My personal favourite was a painting of the two children (the first photo below). I firmly believe that old masters used some ancient shaman spells to paint their works. I refuse to believe that no magic was involved in the process!










If you want to see something beautiful, you do not necessarily need to go to a museum or a gallery. The streets of New York are masterpieces of their own! You would need comfortable shoes thou, because it’s A LOT of walking! Take a walk down the Broadway, visit the central park, go shopping on the 5th avenue… go wherever really, it’s all wonderful! This time I decided to be a fashionista and I took a pair of bright yellow jeans and a matching scarf to blend in with New York taxis and other yellow stuff around the city (there is a lot of yellow stuff around the city). I was very proud of my genius fashion strategy and must have mentioned it one, two or maybe 20 times to my parents. That’s another great thing about New York! You can wear the most questionable fashion items and it wouldn’t look out of place. So if you have that furry purple dress and bright orange sparkly high heels, you know where to take them.




















You know what I also love? Window shopping. If you also love window shopping, go to New York, you will have plenty of super expensive and unaffordable things to look at! If I could, I would be a full-time shop window decorator. But I need a good job because I like expensive stuff, so probably that’s not a right career path to go down.







So guess what! I love New York and I can’t wait to go back in September! already getting excited!


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