My favourite detective books

One of my favourite things to do on a lazy day is reading. I have read all sorts of genres in the past and decided that detective stories are my favourite ones. One thing that I struggle the most with is predicting whether the detective book will be interesting or not. I know it sounds like a typical book-choosing problem, but it is so much more difficult with detective stories because it not only depends on the plot but also on the author’s ability to create such a smart and intriguing twists that no one expects. So I have decided to put together a little list of my favourite books in case any of you guys are struggling to find an interesting bed-time read. P.S. I will attach links to buy the books at the end of the post.


There is one author that you definitely heard of that always manages to surprise me with her books – Agatha Christie. She lived in England in the early 20s century and all her works have this wonderful atmosphere of English class. After reading her works I always want to make myself a cup of tea with milk and dress like a lady from 1930s. There is a new movie that recently came out that is based on one of her books, so her works have gained some attention. If you still haven’t seen it, make sure to read the book too! So I will put ‘Murder On The Orient Express’ as my number one. This is one of the typical Christie’s detective mysteries. There are a number of people in a place that they can’t leave, someone gets murdered, one of the characters must have done it because no one else is around, so the genius Belgian detective with phenomenal moustache uses his ‘little grey cells’ to solve the mystery and punish the murderer. A perfect detective story! Another fantastic book that I strongly advise you to read is ‘And Then There Were None’. I believe there was a movie based on this one too some time ago. Definitely worth your time and money!




As I already said I looooove Agatha Christie. The only problem is that unfortunately, she passed away and there are only that many books she wrote. But I found a wonderful way to continue enjoying her detective stories. There is a lady called Sarah Hannah and she picked up Poirot storyline and now writes books about him after he retired in Agatha’s style and I must tell you that she is pretty good! As far as I’m aware there are two books out: ‘Monogram Murders’ and ‘Closed Casket’. I definitely prefer the first one over the second one. ‘Monogram Murders’ tells an exciting story from start to finish and the plot twist is totally unexpected! I think I finished the whole book in 2 days. So, when the second book by her came out I was super excited, but unfortunately, it wasn’t that good in my opinion… Although I heard some good reviews about it! So I guess it just depends on your personal preferences, so might be worth a shot. I personally felt like the story had a great potential and there was an opportunity for a crazy plot twist, but it was never used.




And the last author I want to advise you to read is Margery Allingham. She tends to write shorter detective stories, so perfect for reading on the tube as the books will easily fit into a handbag without taking much space. She used to live in England in the early 20s century, just like Agatha Christie, so some of her stories are similar in style to Agatha’s. My favourite book by her so far is ‘The White Cottage Mystery’, although I have to admit that I haven’t read many of her works.


So here are a couple of links in case you want to buy any of the books! Let me know what you think!



Murder on the orient express



And then there were none



Monogram Murders



Closed Casket



The white cottage mystery





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