Dutch Adventures | Rotterdam

So as some of you may know me and my other half went travelling around Europe this summer. We visited Netherlands, Germany and France and had a fantastic time! However, due to my laziness, I have never posted about our trip on the blog. So since I am attempting to embrace ‘new year, new me’ kind of way of action this year, I have decided to finally write about it.

We travelled for 3 weeks and stayed in every place for 3-4 days, so the holidays were very intense with almost no time to waste! Our first stop was Rotterdam. We stayed at Bilderberg Park hotel (the beds were super comfy btw. Definitely recommend if anyone is visiting Rotterdam). Our ferry arrived at 7 am, so we had quite a lot of time to waste before we could check in, so naturally, we decided that going to the zoo was a perfect activity. Luckily we both had a good sleep on the ferry, so we had a semi-decent amount of energy. I must say, the Rotterdam zoo’s sizes are VERY impressive! It’s ginormous! We spent there good 3-4 hours and I am not sure if we managed to see everything. They got every animal under the sun! Starting from penguins and finishing with red pandas (super cute animals btw).



I must add that personal favourite was the polar bear. The one we saw was a very playful and adorable one (if you could say that about a polar bear). He would climb up onto a little island with some sort of bucket, then through the bucket back into the water and jump to catch it. He kept himself entertained in the same manner for the whole 15 minutes that we watched him.

By the way, the water we bought came in a carton box with a straw instead of the bottle. not sure if it is like this all over the country, but we found it very odd.




After the trip to the zoo we finally checked into the hotel and decided to go grab some food. My knowledge of local cuisine was not very strong, so we went for a Chinese instead since the hotel is located near some sort of China town as I imagined. We went to a restaurant called ‘Hong Kong’ and that was THE best Chinese we ever had. The Pekin duck was without exaggeration just amazing! Not only the taste of it but the way they serve it too! Believe me, it’s worth your attention. We are already planning to go back literally just for that duck!



After dinner we decided to walk around the city and see what’s around. To be honest, we didn’t manage to go very far but we saw some very pretty places. We stayed in Rotterdam for only for 2 days, so we decided to visit Amsterdam on the second day (we were not originally planning to go there), so we only had 1 full day in Rotterdam. I felt like 1 day was enough to explore the city to be honest, as it is not very big. That’s of course if you don’t mind quite an intense adventure. Overall, we loved it! The weather was lovely the whole time and it was warm, which definitely contributed to the mood of the whole trip!




P. S. Extra credit for this statue. We had a little bit of trouble figuring out what it was… A Christmas tree or something slightly different…




Thank you for reading my story! If you enjoyed it, make sure to stay updated for more to come! Hope you all had a fantastic start of 2018!


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