The wizarding world of Harry Potter | London

This weekend we went to Harry Potter studios in London. It was my last birthday’s present so I have been excited about going for aaaaages. I swear if I didn’t look like I am 22, just judging from how I was jumping around, it looked like I was 5. The whole experience was very special as I am a huge Harry Potter fan, but also because the tour is just full of amazing set pieces and costumes, and decorations, and many many other cool things. The first ‘wow that’s pretty cool’ part was that there is a shuttle bus that goes from central London to Studios every hour and they play Harry Potter movies on board! Pretty cool right! It sets you into the right kind of magical mood before you get to the sight.


The whole place is ginormous! It felt very special to be able to visit studios where my favourite books were brought to life. When you first come in you get a little induction tour and then you are left to your own devices and are free to roam the studios by yourself.



My personal favourite part of the tour was seeing the sets from the movies. The amount of details is so incredible it makes you feel like you re actually at Hogwarts! the most impressive one for me was Snape’s potion room. Every single little jar has it’s very own little tag and some sort of substance inside. Must have taken ages to create! And of course you can walk down the diagon alley after drinking some authentic butterbeer (has a very specific taste by the way, I guess its like olives – you either love or hate it)!








Not only you can see full sets but also different random objects from movies such as Weasley’s flying car or the door from the Gringotts bank! Even the giant door from the chamber of Secrets! but the most impressive one is the mini-Hogwarts. Well… if you could call it mini, it is pretty big. It looks incredible! And I know that some people are worried that seeing all this will ruin the magic of the Harry Potter world, but it honestly doesn’t! If what, it multiplies it! If you are a Harry Potter fan this is definitely a ‘must visit’ destination!



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