Dutch Adventures. Part 2 | Amsterdam

The second stop on our list was Amsterdam. We stayed in the Netherlands for 2 days, so we decided to dedicate day number 2 to visiting another city instead of staying in Rotterdam. Amsterdam was kind of a natural ‘must go’ especially because the train doesn’t take long at all. We didn’t stay there overnight so it was more like a little day trip. To be honest with you I didn’t really know what I want to see there as the only museum I was aware of was the house of Anne Frank (where we didn’t end up going by the way because the queue looked longer than the Great Wall of China and us being us didn’t book tickets in advance). We arrived quite early which I am very happy about as we managed to visit a lot of cool places. So first we headed to the sex museum. To be honest with you it was pretty weird… Pornographic images all over the walls, statues in shapes of the 21st finger and many other items of that nature. Felt like watching indecent movies in front of other people and trying not to get red. Weird. After this very insightful trip we decided to stroll around the streets a bit. The streets of old town are so unbelievably beautiful! There is something magical about Dutch architecture.


By the way, if you look at houses of rich people in Amsterdam the top windows are smaller than bottom windows. Apparently, in the past, they did that to achieve a taller look of the house, so it looked more impressive. Learning something new every day!


After walking we decided to sit down for some food. We went to a little cafe on the side of the channel and that’s when I decided that I love Amsterdam. There is a local beer by the way (we can’t remember the name of it unfortunately as it sounded too foreign) and it was very tasty! Even better than beers we drank in Germany in the next weeks. It was so nice to sit by the water in the sunshine, have a cold pint and sandwiches enjoying the atmosphere. That’s one of the things I love about travelling the most – you appreciate everything in the new place. I was thinking about it another day and came to realisation that when I first moved to live in England I was so fascinated by simple things such as double-deck buses, traditional English pubs and other things that now seem so normal and I barely pay any attention to them. It’s the same everywhere! Locals tend to ignore the magic of little things because they see them every day and becomes normal.

P.S. Beer in the photo is not the one I was talking about.


The final thing we did before leaving was a little cruise around the channels on the excursion boat. You can catch one of them on the docks near the train station. this is something I definitely strongly recommend as the views from the water are just magical! Gives you a whole new perspective on the city. And not only you get to see amazing views, but you can also listen to some interesting stories about places you go past. There is a prerecorded excursion you can listen to in almost every language. Enjoyed the whole experience from start to finish!


We had a wonderful day and Amsterdam is definitely on my list of ‘must come back’. Loved the atmosphere, the food, the people… everything!

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