From Russia with love. Survival guide for noobs. Chapter two.

So far I have successfully survived the first week of my trip to Russia and to be honest with you it has been more fun than I expected! turns out that once you wrap your head around what to eat and where to go life becomes much easier. It’s been my first week of work as well which added some schedule into my everyday life!


First things first! My new job. I have been working in an HR department of a very cool IT-company called B2B-center. And honestly, this job has added so much joy to my stay! The work is interesting and my co-workers are just the best. The whole business feels very friendly which is a very rare thing. I honestly could not be happier! So my work takes approximately 8 hours of my everyday life. I don’t even know what I would have done with my spare time if I was just sitting at home 24/7 with no responsibilities and nowhere to be. Although, when I write it like this the perspective of absolute freedom does sound quite fun 😀


Apart from work, of course, I did other things this week. One of which was visiting family in a ‘datcha’ near Moscow. If you think there is a lot of snow in Moscow think again. The amount of snow in the countryside is just ridiculous! I literally thought that we won’t be able to drive through all the snow! But God it’s stunning!… When I came over it was snowing as well which added even more magic to the view. It was so quiet and white that I wanted to stand and watch it for hours… but it was way too cold for that kind of craziness. So if you ever visit Russia in winter try to get away from the city just to see how beautiful it can be! To get to the village we had to drive through the forest by the way and that looked like something out of ‘Frozen’.


Another observation from this week: it is VERY slippery. So imagine you have an ice ring. And now imagine someone came and spilt soap all over it. This should give you an approximate idea of how hard it is to walk. I know you laugh at those videos on youtube of people walking like penguins on icy roads… Come and try not to look like you have special needs and I will give you a cookie! On my way to hairdressers today I almost slipped and fell about 34 times and every time my brain thought that this is how I die and how next time I should clear my browser history before leaving the house. You know… just in case. I made it back home alive though don’t worry!


So this was my week number one! Looking forward what the second week got in store for me! Buying sensible shoes is definitely on the top of my ‘ to do’ list by the way.



Lessons learned this week:

  • Get antislip shoes if you don’t want to smack your head and bleed out.


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